Exergame - Powered by Motion Fitness

Exergame - Powered by Motion Fitness


Designed and used by doctors and neuropsychologists, The BrainBike Powered by NeuroActive and Gamercize offers 22 stimulating exercises to make the brain healthier and better performing.

BrainBike! The complete body and brain work...

NeuroActive BrainBike is powered by patented Gamercize technology.

Gamercize interacts with the BrainBike by simply activating the mouse when you are pedaling then stopping the mouse when you are not. You can pedal at your own pace (fast or slow) to keep the program moving at a comfortable level for the user. This is a key feature on the BrainBike so that the users can fuel their bran and prepare it to start learning as they play a variety of games developed by medical specialists.

Improve your Brain with BrainBike's NeuroActive Software

Developed by a team of neuropsychologists and medical specialists, the Neuroactive® brain-fitness program improves both your brain and your life with a diverse array of fun and easy brain exercises that revitalize every aspect of your cognitive, psychological and physical health. Using state-of-the-art artificial intelligence to customize your training, Neuroactive® stimulates 16 key functions, optimizing your brain for memory, processing speed and vital skills like the ability to remember new faces.

NeuroActive’s® powerful brain-training, anti-aging program helps keep your gray matter sharp and youthful. Based on cutting-edge science, it’s a natural, no-side-effects way of delaying the onset of age-related mental decline and Alzheimer’s.

Think you’re too busy? Just three 15- to 20-minute sessions a week deliver quick, long-lasting results. To save more time, you can even fit NeuroActive® into your cardio workout, maximizing your free time while you optimize your brain!

Neuroactive®, The Scientific Brain-Training Program

The most recent neuroscience confirms it: Like your muscles, your brain can grow stronger, sharper ? even regain its youthful vigor ? no matter what your age. The bad news: like your muscles, too, lack of activity can make your brain slow down and grow weaker. Fortunately, you can fight back with a scientifically-developed brain stimulation program that targets various brain functions to significantly improve its performance.

That’s where we come in.

Developed by Brain Center International in collaboration with medical specialists and neuropsychologists, the NeuroActive® brain training program includes all the elements required for top cognitive, psychological and physical health: brain and physical training, nutrition, emotional balance and lifestyle. NeuroActive® is much more than a sophisticated brain gym limited to memory exercises: It’s a holistic new way of life that unleashes your brain’s full power so you can think, work, play ? in short, live -- better than ever.

What exactly can you expect? The NeuroActive® brain training program is based on the most recent neuroscience, which shows that scientifically-engineered brain training can provide:

  1. A higher performing brain for all ages-slashing years off for older folks
  2. A 20% gain in memory performance
  3. A 20% increase in brain processing speed
  4. Measurable results within weeks, that will last for years

An Ideal Addition to a Regular Exercise Program

Busy schedule? No problem: NeuroActive® was designed to train your brain while you work out! More than just saving time, a combined brain/body session takes advantage of the increased oxygen, glucose, and blood flow to the brain that happen naturally during cardio exercise to help you get more out of your cognitive training. Whether you set up a laptop by your stationary bike at home, or train on a specially-engineered NeuroActive® Bike at one of the growing number of gyms that have partnered with Brain Center America, you will quickly benefit from the mind-body workout synergy that only NeuroActive® offers.

A Complete Brain Gym that Trains 16 Brain Functions

NeuroActive® is scientifically designed to optimize your brain by targeting the following key functions:

  • Processing speed – The speed of your brain to analyze and respond
  • Selective Attention – Ability to detect specific targets
  • Hand-Eye Coordination – Ability to produce specific hand movements based on visual cues
  • Visual Scanning – Ability to search for information in your field of vision
  • Inhibition – Suppression of inappropriate responses or distracting stimuli responses or stop distracting stimuli
  • Cognitive Control – Adjustment of behavior according to context
  • Planning – Ability to organize behaviors in a coherent sequence to achieve a goal
  • Behavioral Flexibility – Ability to change focus and modify behavior based on changes in the environment
  • Working Memory – Ability to keep information stored in active memory in order to complete an action
  • Arithmetic – Ability to understand and perform mathematical operations
  • Episodic Memory – Memory of personal events and related context
  • Temporal Order Memory – Ability to remember the order in which items appear
  • Visuo-spatial Skills – Ability to analyze and understand space in two or three dimensions
  • Temporal Perception – Ability to determine the duration of events
  • Word naming – Ability to produce language and maintain conversation
  • Semantic Categorization – Creation of groups based on similarity of concepts

The Scientific Basis of the BrainBike XG Training Program Powered by NeuroActive

Researchers recently proved that the brain has an enormous and often unexploited potential, known as neuroplasticity or cerebral plasticity. Think of your brain as hot plastic waiting to be molded and sculpted. Fortunately, this capacity is always present: at 30, 50, or 75 ? whatever your age.


The great news about neuroplasticity is that we can create and fine-tune programs to allow you to put your brain at your service with more ease than you could ever have imagined. When properly stimulated and nourished, the brain becomes much more supple and efficient. Major functions like short and long-term memory, processing speed and visual discrimination can rejuvenate and become sharper. Even those who have seen their abilities dwindle can regain the brain power they enjoyed 10 years before..

This plasticity of the brain works both ways, though, as it can deteriorate as much as it can improve. A lack of activity can worsen its condition, whereas a program of scientifically adapted brain exercises can increase performance. For this reason, a training program that integrates physiological and mental health must be a part of your way of life. The BrainBike XG NeuroActive brain training program is the key, allowing your brain to perform better, think better, and regenerate itself in a durable way. Neuroplasticity is at the heart of BCA’s new technologies and techniques, which now make it possible to optimize the functioning of your brain. It’s no secret: a healthy brain has always been the key to a healthy life. The good news: with BrainBike, that goal is now within easy reach.

Neuroplasticity and Your Life

Think about it: you are your brain. Treat it well, and your self-esteem, work performance, well-being and overall health and quality of life will thrive. Neglect it, and you’re sunk. Your lifestyle and choices, especially lack of activity both physical and mental, affect your brain’s health. To keep it in tiptop shape and avoid memory loss, brain training with NeuroActive is key.

Learn more about Neuroplasticity

Improve Your Brain’s Performance and Your Well-being

No matter what your age, you have the ability to optimize your brain fitness. Want a nimbler mind, a top-notch memory? Interested in feeling better and being healthier both physically and mentally? How would you like to be more productive at work? It’s practically guaranteed if you do the fun, easy exercises in our comprehensive NeuroActive program, carefully designed by physicians and neuropsychologists.

The NeuroActive Program was scientifically designed by physicians and neuropsychologists. Its objective is to let you expand your limits and take full advantage of your brain’s potential.

Filling Your "Cognitive Reserve"

You know how they say, "use it or lose it"? That’s never more true than when it comes to your cognitive reserve. If you think of your brain like your car’s main fuel tank, then cognitive reserve is an auxiliary tank. If your car is getting old, the main tank may be rusting or leaking, which can lead to a breakdown. In your body, aging can cause deterioration, memory loss, and reduced capacity in certain parts of the brain, so you may have to access the auxiliary tank of your cognitive reserve. This can actually compensate for decline in other parts of the brain and keep neurons from aging.

Developing and strengthening your neural pathways and synapses keeps them young and healthy and prevents them from dying, and there’s only one proven method for doing this: your brain stimulation. People who perform these types of mental exercises experience less cognitive decline, and can push it off till later in life; they’re also much less likely to develop Alzheimer’s or similar disorders.

Learn more about Cognitive Reserve

Successful Brain Aging

The popular belief that aging inevitably results in loss of capacity is false. Although the brain does decline to some extent in many people, it varies widely from one person to the next. Studies show that 25 to 35 percent of seniors actually achieve similar if not better physical and/or cognitive performance than young adults! Some observers have dubbed this phenomenon “successful aging.” Now some studies are focusing on why people like this experience no decline as they age. What’s their secret -- how are these people different? And can you be like them?

What sets "successful agers" apart is the fact that they’re optimistic, resilient in the face of life’s changes, and have a well developed sense of control. And they’re constantly stimulating their cognitive faculties. You can in fact be like them -- that’s where a brain gym like NeuroActive® comes in.

What is their secret? It seems that what sets apart those who age successfully from other senior's lays in the fact that they are constantly stimulating their cognitive faculties, they are optimistic, are resilient in the face of life’s changes because they can adapt to change. They also have a well developed sense of control.

What conclusion can we draw from all these scientific data? You can counter the effect of aging on the brain and we can tell you how.

Learn more about Brain Aging

Prevent Age-Related Brain Decline and Alzheimer's Disease

The latest scientific studies demonstrate that age-related brain decline isn't inevitable and can even be reversed ? it's even possible to delay conditions such as Alzheimer's. One key study is the Advanced Cognitive Training for Independent and Vital Elderly (ACTIVE) research project, funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Nearly 2,900 senior citizens in various U.S. cities participated in a training program for memory, reasoning, and information-processing speed. After 10 hours of training over six weeks, they showed an improvement in cognitive performance that persisted as long as five years afterward.

The data suggest that in addition to maintaining high levels of brain activity among seniors, brain training can slow Alzheimer's, the devastating disease that affects nearly 8 percent of people older than 65 years and more than 40% of those older than 85.

Although we used to believe that Alzheimer's was essentially in the genes, more recent research suggests that genetics are only 33 percent responsible for triggering the disease. By far the larger culprit is environment, including lack of physical exercise, poor lifestyle choices ? and lack of mental stimulation.

Learn more about Alzheimer's Disease

The Myths of Sudoku and Crossword Puzzles as Brain-Savers

Many people think that doing crossword and Sudoku puzzles will do the trick in keeping their brains healthy and warding off Alzheimer's. But research suggests they're probably not enough, for two reasons:

First, they affect only very specific thinking processes. For example, crosswords only train a single brain function, known as semantic memory, out of a total of dozens. So doing Sudoku and crosswords would be like working out only your biceps or abs; these exercises don’t do all that much for the rest of your body.

Secondly, the levels of difficulty in puzzles like these aren’t sufficiently customized. Only exercises that truly challenge you without being too hard can help your brain function move to a higher level.

In short, for an all-around healthy brain and nimble mind, you need a variety of exercises focused on all your functions and designed to push you. NeuroActive® provides exactly this kind of stimulation. Click here to learn how NeuroActive is a complete brain gym.

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Brain Bike1 Brain Bike1

Brain Bike2 Brain Bike2

Brain Bike3 Brain Bike3

No Cheating! No Cheating!
The BrainBike is equipped with Gamercize's patented response technology which forces the user to pedal in order to activate the mouse.

Extended Mouse Arm Extended Mouse Arm
Our extended mouse arm is comfortable and adjustable for any size or age.

Adjustable Seat Adjustable Seat
A soft, yet durable mesh backing along with a beautifully designed angular seat makes playing brain games comfortable.

Heart Rate Monitor Heart Rate Monitor
Hold on to the lower grips and get a accurate read out of your heart rate and calories burned.

EZ-Roll Away Design EZ-Roll Away Design
The BrainBike is simple to transport. Simply lift the back and roll away.

PC Equipped Monitor PC Equipped Monitor
The BrainBike has a state-of-the-art PC Monitor that keeps this all-in-one unit wire free!

Ultra Smooth, Ultra Solid

With our Virtually Silent™ drive system which provides quiet and dependable performance, the R1 is perfect for your home or light commercial fitness facility. This bike is for those that demand Health Club quality performance at a value price. Using the finest materials and features available, the R1 will help you reach your fitness goals.

Adjustable Back Pad Angle

Workout using the most comfortable position for your back. If back pain often prevents you from extended exercise, our R1 multi-position recumbent seat will help support both upper and lower back areas, allowing you to exercise longer or more often. Seat adjustments are simple and easy to reach. At Volume Fitness we feel the machine should adjust to the user, not the user adjust to the machine.

EMS Brake

With an Electro Magnetic brake System you will enjoy years of worry free use as there are no moving parts. A proven technology, our EMS Virtually Silent™ drive system will provide dependable operation, and reliability you can count on.

Heart Rate Control

Choose from four Heart Rate control programs, which adjust the resistance to maintain your HR at the desired level. Simply wear the HR chest strap while you pedal and the bike will take care of the rest. You don’t have to think about adjusting the resistance or maintaining a certain RPM rate to begin increasing your VO2 levels.

Handrail Resistance Controls

Change the resistance without ever reaching up to the console. These handy buttons will help you vary your workout more and get better results.

Tilt Console

Adjust the angle of the computer display to meet your needs. This unique feature makes reading the display information easy for users of all heights.

Safe-Step Through Design

This is perfect for kids, seniors and special needs children that have limited mobility when getting on or off the BrainBike.

Hidden Seat Rail

The enclosed seat rail allows you to safely and easily adjust the seat distance from the pedals.

Counterbalanced Pedals

Keeps the pedals in an upright position, making it easy to insert your feet into the pedals. Anodized Aluminum Upright adds attractive styling to the unit while providing rust free durability.

STN/Blue Backlit Display

Our vivid blue backlit STN displays give you the feedback you need during your workout. We designed these displays to be easy to read, provide useful information, and we used the best material available giving the brightest, cleanest look in the industry. STN stands for Super Twisted Nematic. STN is known in the fitness industry as the best quality available for blue backlit displays.

Benefits of STN

  1. STN has a wider view angle (270 degree) compared to 90 Degrees with other suppliers.
  2. STN gives the clean looking white on blue contrast were other displays show black on blue.
  3. Scientific Studies show that STN displays provide the most comfortable visual color combination to the human eye.

Even though STN is triple the cost of regular blue/black LCD displays, we feel that STN technology is worth it for our customers.

Concealed 3 Piece Crank adds to the durability of our bike and is a common upgraded feature found in commercial bikes used in health clubs. Crank Covers make the bike safer for you and those around you while exercising Accessory Trays and Reading Rack for your convenience.

NeuroActive BrainBike - Specifications

Step Through Design Yes
Adjustable Angle Back Pad Yes
Resistance Type EMS Eddy Current Magnetic Brake
Levels of Resistance 32
Resistance Range 40 to 350 Watts
Hidden Seat Rail Yes, for safety
Seat Handlebar Quick Keys Yes, resistance up and down
3 Piece Cranks Yes
Crank Covers Yes, for safety
Oversized Pedals Yes
Counterbalanced Pedals Yes
Upright Beam Anodized Aluminum
Electronic Display Blue Backlit STN LCD
Tilt Console Yes
Display Readouts Time, Distance, RPM, Speed, Level, Calories, Pulse, Watts, Program
Program Profile Yes
Programs 16 programs; including 2 Custom, 4 HRC
HR Reception Grip HR bar, Polar TM compatible
Reading Rack Yes
Accessory Trays Yes
Transport Wheels Yes
Warranty (Frame, Brake, Parts) 3/3/3*
Light Commercial Warranty (Frame, Brake, Parts) 3/3/3*
Maximum User Weight 400 lbs. / 181 kgs.
Assembled Dimensions (L, W, H) 65" x 28" x 53" / 165.1 x 71.1 x 133 cm
Weight (Net/Gross) 177 / 188 lbs. / 80 / 85 kgs.
Carton Dimensions (L, W, H) 66" x 13" x 31" / 166 x 33 x 78 cm
Exerbike GS

Exerbike GS

A durable, commercial-grade stationary bike, equipped with with pedal-to-play gamercize technology.

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Exerbike VGS

Exerbike VGS

The Exerbike VGS is a pedal-to-play stationary bike that will keep users coming back. With three available software packages, this gaming bike is the most accommodating system of its kind. This version of the Exerbike uses a mini HD PC to provide more versatility, better graphics, and more storage. Players can choose to play their favorite PC games, take a virtual ride, or play one of several games designed to boost brain power.

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The GameCycle

The GameCycle

The GameCycle lets kids, adults and seniors "play their way" to better fitness. For kids, the GameCycle provides a challenge that many of them seek out on their own -- the challenge of videogames. But, now while playing their favorite racing videogame, kids are getting a great workout too.

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