Exergame - Powered by Motion Fitness

Exergame - Powered by Motion Fitness

Grants / Raising Money:

As part of our mission to promote youth health and activity, we're happy to help connect organizations with grant opportunities. You'll find helpful resource links, as well as a listing of grants that target health and education improvements for youth on our website.

Our goal is to provide the world’s top tested Exergame (Active Gaming) products that can hold up in any school, after-school or club environment. With great products come positive benefits.

Health: Exergaming encourages active and overall healthy lifestyle in kids

Academics: Exergaming has been proven to increase academic performance and help with a variety of learning disorders.

Social: Exergaming encourages family / friend participation, bonding and social integration among peers.

Physical: Exergaming increases reaction time and improves concentration, cognitive perception, eye-hand-foot-mind coordination, kinesthetic awareness, balance, and agility.

Grant Resources & Information

Spark PE Grant Writing tools

TEN Network

SPARK After School is a research-based program that targets all out-of-school physical activity programs (e.g., after school, YMCA, Boys and Girls Club, recreation center, day care center, or camps). The program strives to foster environmental and behavioral change by providing a coordinated package of highly active curriculum, on-site staff training, and content-matched equipment.  Years of research and extensive field-testing throughout the country has shown SPARK to be effective for children and adolescents ages 5-14.  

CDC - Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Division of Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Obesity.

NASPE Resource Guide
NASPE (National Association for Sports and Physical Education) has created resource briefs on popular issues in the physical education and physical activity fields.  These briefs can be used when advocating locally or nationally for physical education and physical activity.  Resource briefs can also be shared with principals, administrators, parents, and community members to provide an overview of important issues as well as valuable resources related to these issues.

Motion Kids - Fun Fitness Tools to motivate and engage students

Grant Resource Sites

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation


Spark PE Grant Finder Tool

NASPE Grant Programs

Lets Move! Active Schools!

Fundsnet Services


Artie Kamiya PE Blog

Get EdFunding

Grant Gopher

Alliance for a Healthier Generation

USA.gov for Nonprofits

Next Steps?

Contact us to learn more on how you can start your Exergame program in your community.  We're always happy to provide more information and answer questions!

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