Exergame Fitness VAULT Room!

At this years 2010 YMCA General Assembly in Salt Lake City, Exergame Fitness will debut their VAULT room located atBOOTH #122. Some of the worlds top Exergaming products will be on display located in a conceptually themed room made specifically for YMCA’s!

Exergame Fitness is the leading Exergaming provider for YMCA’s in the country and now is bringing the VAULT room to this years General Assembly.

Check out the products below to see what you can experience at this years HUGE event! The YMCA’s are leading the fight against childhood obesity and inactivity!

Products Include:












Can’t make this years YMCA show? No worries! Watch our LIVE FEED!
Exergame Fitness will be broadcasting LIVE on our official USTREAM channel for the entire event! Visitwww.exergamefitness.com for more info!


Will you be at the YMCA general Assembly in Salt Lake City?

Then you get two chances to win a new 32” flat screen television!  First, ENTER TO WIN and let us know that you’re coming.  Then, just stop by Booth #122 and  look at the new Makoto Interactive fitness arena – all new for 2010!

The new Updated Makoto arena is the most exciting “game” to hit the youth fitness industry in a decade.  LIGHTS, SOUNDS and 360 degree interactivity guarantees youth will be playing this game for hours.

Then to double your chances to win that new TV – just step inside the Makoto arena.  Experience for yourself, the excitement of being completely surrounded by lights and sounds and multi-planar movement.  (It’s hard to believe that something this much fun improves cognitive functioning so much that it’s used by military special forces, top pro sports and the largest rehabilitation hospital systems in the world!)

Oh – you’re not attending Salt Lake City this year?

That’s too bad – you’re going to miss a great event.  But, you can still win the 32” flat screen color TV.  Just click here, and let us send you some information on the new Makoto arena and you’ll be entered to win!