All specials good through December 31st, 2015. Free shipping and installation included on many deals. If price not listed, contact us for detailed pricing information.


Pavigym Sqaure 3.0 – New 3.5 style Square. On top version with standard colors.Pavigym Combo

Pavigym Vertical 3.0 – Free shipping & installation.

Pavigym Sprint 3.0 – Comes in 6, 8, and 10 tiles versions. Free shipping & installation.

Pavigym Group X Floor Tiles – Free shipping with order over 50 tiles. [SEE COLOR CHART]

Pavigym 2.0 – Free shipping on orders of 800 sq ft. or more.

T-Wall 64 – Interactive Light Wall, 64 panels.

T-Wall 32 – Interactive Light Wall, 32 panels.

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EyePlay Gold – 30 game system. Unit includes a free economy foam floor surface.

EyePlay Express – 10 game system.


Fitnex Indoor Cycles – $250 each, includes free shipping.

Evo Indoor Cycles – $350 each, includes free shipping.

Total Gym – Elevate Line – Al in one personal trainer, free shipping on any order.

Nexersys – 1 Demo Unit. Was used as an office showroom product. Full 1 year warranty included. Contact us for pricing information.

CardioWall Vertical – Interactive Light Wall. Free shipping and fitness games

iDance – 4 Player Basic System. Includes PC, Software, 4 Platforms, Road Case, and AV Cabinet. (Optional: Projector & Speakers)

MotionMagix – Expandable system with optional projector that includes 20 games. Additional games/applications can be added from $25-100 per game.

Exerbike [Various] – Call for more information on various Exergaming interactive fitness bikes.