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When it comes to working out at any level, knowing the fundamental movements and exercises are key. Not only for having an effective workout but also to prevent yourself from being injured during a casual to an intense workout session. Functional fitness is a growing fitness trend that is extremely popular because of its simplicity with bodyweight and very light weights to accompany it – allowing for low impact and low-intensity workouts.

Today we will be going over some basic fundamental fitness movements and exercises that will help anyone improve their fitness techniques. These exercises will have photos accompanying them that are a part of a T-Wall training series – Workout of the Week, but these will be applicable to anyone with or without exergaming equipment. Most of these exercises will center around using a small weight, we will be using a 5-8lb Hyperwear Sandbell but you can use whatever is comfortable for you.

If you wish to see how these exercises are done even more in-depth with videos, gifs, and photos check out BodyBuilding.com.

1 – Figure 8 (fig. 1)

Pass the light sandbell through your legs with one hand at a time in a Figure Eight motion. Repeat and reserve motion.

If you do not have a sandbell for this exercise, simply use a light dumb bell or maximum 10 lb weight.

2 – Slamdown


Hold a light sand bell with both hands over your head and throw it on the ground in front of you. Squat to pick up sandbell and return to starting position. Repeat.

For added challenge and intensity – when you go to pick up the sandbell perform a push-up then return to starting position

3 – Hand Crossover (fig. 2)

Using the LED targets (or if you do not have this 2+ simple targets on a wall in front of you), stand in the middle. If the light is on left side use right hand to deactivate (or targets), if the light is on right side use left hand to deactivate (or targets).

4 – Overhead Squat (fig. 3)

Hold a light sand bell with both hands above your head and fully extend your arms. Keeping the position perform a squat and then return to starting position. Repeat.

5 – Partner Toss (fig. 4)

Our last functional exercise will require a partner, more fun with some company!

One partner will face the wall and one will have their back to the wall (this can also be done without the T-Wall with the 2 partners simply facing each other). Lighty toss sandbell to one another. Repeat and switch positions.

Our philosophy is to create fun, exciting environments where the worlds of technology and fitness intersect.


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