The AAHPERD National Convention & Exposition is the only event of its kind; encompassing a trade forum of over 350 products and service providers, organizations, and manufacturers in the health and physical activity fields.

On average more than 5,000 physical and health education and fitness professionals attend the AAHPERD National Convention and Exposition each year. Two-thirds of the attendees work in K-12 schools settings. The exhibit hall showcases the latest in athletic and physical education equipment; textbooks; teaching aids; curriculum materials; athletic training supplies; health and nutrition products; assessment tools; outdoor adventure, adapted physical activity, and aquatic equipment; and this year…exergaming.

Exergame Fitness is known as one of the leaders in implementing technology into a physical education setting. Our mission is very clear at Exergame Fitness, to inspire physical activity through the most cutting-edge active game experience – AND – to provide fun, sustainable solutions to fight childhood obesity. Our high-quality Exergaming products are designed to provide outstanding physical performance and a beneficial learning experience.

At Booth 1327 you will be able to see one of the most popular physical education exergaming pieces, the iDANCE system.

The iDANCE multiplayer concept is a revolutionary Exergaming system that was designed specifically for environments such as schools.  It is unique in many facets including the fact that it provides the user with a combination of physical, social and cognitive benefits and can accommodate up to 32-players at once on up to 3 separate difficulty levels with real-time performance feedback.

The iDANCE system can deliver workouts similar to the cardiovascular workouts achieved by running or jogging and in some cases even stronger results because the fun element and the challenges that reside within the game stimulate the players to expend a greater effort than they would in running or jogging.

We invite you to come join Exergame Fitness at the AAHPERD 2012 Convention along with notable speakers such as Dr. Kenneth Cooper who published his first bestseller, Aerobics, in 1968, introducing a new word and a new concept—launching a worldwide fitness revolution.  Also included as a keynote speaker will be Shellie Pfohl; an advisory committee of appointed volunteers whose focus is to educate, engage, and empower Americans to live a more active, healthy lifestyle. Pfohl is responsible for working with members to develop the vision, strategy, and goals of the Council and directing the organization’s daily operations.

AAHPERD envisions a society in which all individuals enjoy an optimal quality of life through appreciation of and participation in an active and creative, health-promoting lifestyle.  We hope that you will join Exergame Fitness at Booth 1327 and AAHPERD at this wondrous event.