With winter beating down the door, many people feel lost when it comes to how they will keep their shape when the weather is doom and gloom. Hockey and skiing are great, but they are expensive endeavors and if you live in a flat state, you can completely cross any sport involving a mountain off your list. But with just a little creativity and some basic equipment, you can have fun and stay fit all winter long.

Active Gaming

Active gaming, including wall games, dance games and gaming bikes, offer wonderful exercise opportunities as well as other benefits. Dance and step games offer individual as well as multiplayer experiences, virtual cycling is a great cardio workout and wall games offer workouts for people of all ages. If your local gym lacks these types of games, encourage them to look into it.

Embrace the Weather

Don’t be such a wimp, go outside and take the cold weather like a man, or woman for that matter. Bundle up and go for a run and before you know it, you will be peeling layers off because you are so hot. If you enjoy cycling, invest in a fat bike and tackle the trails even though they are covered in snow.

Don’t think you need to invest in a parka and fluffy mittens to enjoy outdoor activities in the winter. Thermal leggings and gloves are as thin as ever and keep you very warm as well.

Go Out and Play

Let your kids inspire you to do some winter activities. When snow is on the ground, go outside with your kids and help them build a snowman. You and your kids can also go sledding, snowshoeing and even have a snowball fight. Wintertime is a great time to get out and about and capture Pokemon. If you are into that sort of thing. Playing outside in the winter is fun at any age.

Home Workouts

If you are stuck at home, don’t just veg out on Netflix, throw in a workout DVD instead. The nice thing about DVDs is that you can go at your own pace and take breaks when you want. If you don’t have any workout DVDs, put on some good music and dance.

Household Chores

Get a really early jump on your spring cleaning list. Don’t spend your downtime, er, down, clean out that closet you have had on your to-do list for years, organize the junk drawers and dust the ceiling fans. Seriously, we all need to dust our ceiling fans. Get your spring cleaning list done in the winter and come spring, you aren’t stuck inside working when you would rather be outside having fun.


Whether you are shopping for yourself or getting a head start buying holiday gifts, walking up and down the aisles of your favorite stores is a pretty good workout. Look, it beats sitting around the house getting fat. Besides, you get to avoid the holiday crush after Thanksgiving because all of your gift shopping will be done.