Active gaming, or exergaming, combines two very popular pastimes, fitness routines and video games. Let’s face it, videos games are fun as most will agree, But when it comes to fitness, there are many who struggle to fit it into their routine. But when you combine video games and fitness, you wind up with a workout you look forward to every day. Here are some other benefits active gaming has to offer.fitkid

Experts agree that regular exercise is key in maintaining a healthy weight. This isn’t groundbreaking news, but there are still plenty of people, especially children, who engage in a sedentary lifestyle, which will lead to a number of health issues. Exergaming can be especially beneficial to overweight children who usually shun any sort of physical activity. Exergaming is also ideal for children who tend to lose interest in other forms of exercise.

Within the virtual world of exergaming lies great attention to details. As you enjoy your virtual environment, you are having to make decisions and are in competition with others. This type of environment has a very positive effect on your attention skills, memory and problem-solving skills. In essence, active gaming is as good for your mind as it is for your body. Studies show that video gaming improves visual attention capacity, pattern recognition and judgment.

Exergaming is also a social experience and as such provides an opportunity to interact with peers who share a similar interest. So you hold the ability to make friends while you are sharpening your mind and while you are getting great exercise.

You see, exergaming holds many benefits.