Obesity in American children is a growing problem and no longer an ugly secret. Today, about one in three kids in America are overweight if not obese. This sad statistic is nearly triple the rate in 1963. Indeed, overweight kids are quickly becoming one of the most serious health challenges of this century. If you hesitate to include active gaming or other non-traditional forms of exercise in your children’s schedule, you are missing out on great ways for your kids to get in shape.

Here are a few scary statistics for you to think about.

Based on recommendations as set forth by the United States Government, only about two percent of children have a healthy diet. Teenagers were reported to eat vegetables almost every day, but most vegetables they consumed were fries and potato chips.

Unless change happens when they get older, experts warn that children who are overweight can reduce their life expectancy by as much as five years or more.

Typically, the average American child will spend four to five hours a day in front of a television, computer screen or playing video games. Studies show that the more a child watches television, the more likely they will gain excess weight. Bad television habits may have long-lasting effects that put children at obesity risk well into adulthood.

A healthy body makes for a healthy mind. If this is true, then it is no surprise that overweight kids miss more school that fit children. There are a number of factors that could be blamed but some include fear of being teased or being embarrassed about participating in physical activities.