TWall Group Training
Group Training On TWall

Have you ever been watching a sporting event and routing on your favorite team when suddenly the officials and the officiating become the story? Bad calls, missed fouls or penalties. It can be extremely frustrating to us as fans. We usually find ourselves screaming at the TV (like they can hear us) “Come on! Just let ‘em play!”

I know you have been there. Any sports fan has been. But when it comes to the health and fitness industry, we are really starting to become the officials that everyone is screaming at. Think about it: we are trying to regulate this method of training and work on functional fitness, and form, wearables, data…the list goes on and on. Honestly, most adults are just big kids, and sometimes they really do just need to play.

TWall 64 and gear
TWall 64 and gear

Gamification of the fitness industry is quickly becoming the new norm. Why? Because games keep people interested. Games appeal to the fun side of our brains, and fun releases chemical activity in our brains and bodies that lead to happiness. And if people are happy to be at your fitness facility then they stay. That leads to a better business for you. Get the point?

The big question is how to elegantly add a measure of gamification to an already existing facility without disrupting the current methodology of training or atmosphere you have worked hard to create. Enter the T-Wall64 from Exergame.

This bad boy comes loaded with potential to utilize existing blank wall space and add a dimension of fun to your fitness offering. While we here at Exergame specialize in programming and products for kids, the T-Wall is in fact a multi-purpose piece (like many of our products) and is especially fantastic for sports performance training, adult focused fitness gaming, cognitive function and testing and SAQ work. To be quite honest, the T-Wall64 is only limited by the creativity of the trainers and how they decide to utilize it.

So get your game on and let ‘em play with the T-Wall64 from Exergame Fitness