Kids as young as one are being diagnosed as obese, and one hospital is treating youngsters twice the size they should be. We’re not talking baby fat, or big boned, or chubby, or even overweight.
We’re talking obesity…clinical, medical obesity.

“A one-year-old who should be 10kg is actually 18-20kg or a two-year-old who should be 12kg is 25kg.”

And wait, it gets better…

Doctors at the Children’s Hospital at Westmead, Sydney, are admitting youngsters with severe weight-related health problems, such as sleep apnea and diabetes. There is now a 12-month waiting period for the state’s only child weight management clinic. And why do they call it a CHILD weight management clinic? Are the 1 year old children feeding themselves? Are they getting fat from their mother’s Big Mac enriched breast milk?

According to our Aussie pediatrician and weight specialist Shirley Alexander, “over-feeding and large portion sizes, rather than junk food, are to blame for toddlers being overweight”.

“We are seeing children who can’t walk properly or wipe themselves because they are obese,” Dr Alexander said.

“They can’t walk properly or wipe themselves”

But, it’s probably just a phase that they will grow out of.

Except that kids under the age of 10 are being now being treated for hip and joint pain caused by obesity.

And adolescent girls are having menstrual problems because they are developing polycystic ovary syndrome.

And over 25% of Australia’s kids are overweight or obese.

And, they can’t wipe themselves because they are too fat.

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