To start the new year a new gym has gotten it’s start with some Exergaming equipment, the ASANA Wellness Center in Jacksonville, Florida had its grand opening on January 1st. This facility is cutting edge and a game changer for new health club trends for 2016. From group fitness classes, functional fitness equipment & spaces, interactive fitness equipment, group cycling, the list goes on and on.

Group fitness classes were a big trend in 2015 and will continue to be for the coming years. The ASANA Wellness Center features two great Exergaming products, the Spivi Bicycle system and the TRX Strength Suspension system. Both of these lend their hands to the group fitness classes that ASANA features so predominantly.

The Spivi Virtual Cycling System is a great cardio system that has a group fitness class work together, while progressing totally at an individual level. Having a class regularly see each other, their avatars, and other people’s avatars on the race track not only brings them back because its familiar and comfortable, but it is simply fun. There is a little more motivation than a normal stationary bike to keep pedaling and to keep pushing yourself. Having the avatar, race track, and environment in both the game and class makes a world of difference to some members.

The TRX Suspension system is on the other end of the spectrum as the Spivi system, you’re on your feet for strength training. But not always on your feet, the TRX system has such a huge variety of workouts it is hard to touch on just one. With the 100s that exist and with a professionally certified TRX trainer teaching a class, it would take quite a while to repeat a days workout. But it is not only the number of workouts and how unique it is, but how effective the system is. With low impact, highly functional workouts members from teens to the elderly can make use of the TRX system.

The vision and mindset of the ASANA Wellness Center is amazing and encouraging, to see people so dedicated to helping others become healthier in their lifestyles. From their gym itself, to the medical services, and staff knowledge this health club has a very bright future.