Currently, an international tournament of tennis is happening right now is Australia. They are continuing their tradition of the Austrailian Open in Melbourne, Australia. This is a massive event that spans from January 16th-29th with tons of matches across different divisions happening each day, AND across several sites. Just take a look here at the different stadiums and grounds maps used to organize the event.

Tennis players and fans from all over the world come to spectate and enjoy the sport. However not everyone who comes along for the trip is a tennis fanatic, so artwork_anz-hotshots_freestylev3_ri-v1they have begun to offer different amenities and activities for others to keep engaged with. The AO Ballpark is the perfect solution to offer entertainment to the other family groups and children attending the event. From their AO Ballpark site:

“For the first time a mini theme park, AO BALLPARK, will offer all-day entertainment for kids of all ages during the full duration of the Australian Open. AO BALLPARK will also host some special drawcard events in week two of the tournament, including an appearance from Shopkins with the hosting of a special Swapkins Meet – a special event where kids can meet, play, share and swap the famous colorful characters. Also on offer in AO BALLPARK will be a range of $5 food options and free fresh fruit from Woolworths.”

One of the things that will be featured at the Australia Open is an Exergaming product from us, the CardioWall Freestyle in the interactive kids & family area. This machine is perfect for this event simply because of how simple it is to pick up and play. People from all over the world are at the event, but no matter what the language everyone can see what you do: eliminate the targets. It’s also ideal for the amount of traffic that it will receive at this event, it is a high-quality durable machine that can handle people playing on it all

You can see on the side a photo of the CardioWall Freestyle front plate: the CardioWall surfaces are customizable, ideal for corporate events and trade shows. There is also a layout of the AO Ballpark “hot Shots” area where the CardioWall will be held. Finally, below there is a video featuring the Freestyle at a Trampoline Park so you can see it in action!

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