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Most oftenwellness programs focus on improving employee fitness levels along withemphasizing good nutrition.  Seldom isany specific attention given to retaining and improving the functions of thebrain.

“A life-long commitment tostimulating brain activity contributes to quality of life, especially in thelater years. Exercises that promote brain health vary widely and include physicalactivities such as walking and intellectually stimulating activities. Amongother benefits, brain exercise activities work to facilitate quick thinking,promote quick reflexes and develop better short- and long-term memory”. (JudyAl-Ahmary, eHow Contributor).

Recently, health organizations are adding a new dimension to wellness programsby looking at the brain as any other muscle or organ in the body.  There is strong science behind the concept offocusing on particular brain functions.  Theidea is to exercise the brain and improve it by using challenging memory gamesand tasks to improve thinking and memory for employees.  Many companies have developed programs toenhance the functions of the brain.  Oneof most ingenious ideas was developed by Dr. Bergeron and his team from BrainCenter of America (BCA).  Dr. Bergeronhas developed brain stimulating exercises that will enhance the effectivenessof the brain and incorporated those strategies with a simultaneous cardio workout.  In a very unique approach, Brain Center ofAmerica (BCA) has combined traditional fitness goals with brain exercisesutilizing an interactive apparatus called the BrainBike. 

Thephysician-owned BCA, which pioneers brain-fitness programs designed to improvememory, concentration, multitasking and a complete range of mental abilities,developed the NeuroActive BrainBike to enable users to combine cardio workoutswith brain workouts on what is, literally, a “brain gym.” It comprisesa technologically advanced recumbent stationary bike coupled with a speciallyadapted interactive brain-training program displayed on an all-in-one PCscreen. The BrainBike optimizes the ability to improve brain function byintegrating the advantages that exercise has on improving blood flow to thebrain with very engaging brain stimulating exercises.

The BrainBike offers a new and innovativeway to keep the aging brain sharp.  The BrainBike software program usesadvanced artificial intelligence to continuously analyze a person’s performanceand adapts and customizes the training to each individual.  The bike riding and brain exercise experienceimproves not only the heart but also memory, visual skills processing speed,and other important brain functions. Studies have shown that stimulating brain exercises may even help thwartAlzheimer’s diseases, dementia, and memory loss.

In a recenteffort conducted by Aetna Health a wellness program was developed to provideonline assessments and interactive games for employee brain health.  The focus of their work was to improve uponfour key areas of brain performance: emotion, thinking, feeling, andself-regulation.  This is another exampleof how the new wellness initiatives are likely to include a focus on brainhealth as well as an emphasis on fitness and nutrition.

Every employer strives to increase productivity withintheir work force and every fitness center strives to provide the best equipmentand environment to improve body and mind health.  One new and innovative strategy can be addedto traditional approaches by including brain health as a new component of anoverall wellness program.  The BrainBikeoffers the traditional wellness focus by improving cardio vascular health butalso adds the ability to improve brain health simultaneously for all employees.  Soon the BrainBike will be coming to afitness club or wellness effort for you!!! 

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