It’s that time of the year when the sun rises later and sets earlier, holiday eating and left-overs are taking over the fridge, and where exercise for some reason slips into the background and for many is soon ignored until May. We all are familiar with this cycle. Make this year the year to do something about it. But what? It’s dark. It’s cold (for those who live where there are seasons). And it’s hard to shake that lazy feeling when sitting under the down comforter. 


There are lots of articles out there that offer different tricks to keep motivation up and to keep you going like this WebMD article How to Keep Working Out in the Winter or Simple Ways to Exercise This Winter from The Telegraph. They provide lots of good tips like dressing right for exercising outside, taking small steps to get acclimated for the weather, and working out with a group to name a few. The gym is another great option.


However, as stated in one of the passages from the WebMD article:


“Some people are dedicated gym-goers, and they shouldn’t be affected much by the weather. However, the lingering darkness in the morning and the early evenings can sap even the hardiest gym-lover’s motivation to hit the health club.”


Now is the perfect time to change things up wherever it is you go for fitness. Bring excitement back to your workout routine so motivation doesn’t waiver. Exergame Fitness can help with that. 


Exergame Fitness focuses on providing an interactive fitness concept so workouts are never boring and being active could never be easier. Exergaming brings technology, gamification, and fitness together for a new and fun way to stay fit. It’s a great way to engage kids to be active or to get the family to reconnect. 


The products that Exergame provides are game based like the Exerbike GS, where the user pedals to power the video game controller in order to play, or like the EyePlay – an interactive floor or wall touch screen. Other Exergame products are based around traditional exercising activities like the Heavy Ball or Nexersys but have a variety of games integrated into the equipment.


At Exergame, our goal is to provide a new way to engage people in fitness. By combining fitness, gamification, and technology, there is good reason to stay fit and get to the gym even during those winter blues.