No matter how engaging and inviting something may be at a gym or fitness center, there will always be people who are too nervous to go. Whether they are new or returning, over or underweight, or just paranoid it is a not an uncommon problem. Some want to be experienced and sometimes fit enough to enter a gym in the first place, which until the means to easily workout in your home were available, was a major problem for some people.

Xbox Fitness is an app/game featured on the Xbox One that is a well polished and easy to use product, which provides an elegant solution to these problems. Using the Kinect attached to your Xbox One, you can do real life workouts like Tony Horton’s P90X, pilates, the entire Insanity fitness program, and so many more. With real life widely known trainers leading them and the fact that its a ‘game’, is a nice gateway into fitness. It can track your exact movements, intensity, and even your heartbeat all in real time to make the workout into a gaming session where you want to do everything correctly to get the most points.

A P90X workout on the Xbox Fitness app, lead by Tony Horton.

Once people have gotten comfortable with themselves or broken through that initial barrier or gateway into fitness, they might want to join and visit a gym. Instead of just going from one form of exercise to a totally different one (interactive tech to traditional gym), they can still have some stepping stones to assist them, and this is where Exergame Fitness comes in. There is also a level of socialization involved, especially in kids, that is important in the process. Once someone gains confidence with a home workout system or Xbox Fitness they will want to expand to take that experience and share it with others, and this is where Exergame Fitness offers the solution to this problem.

Someone got used to exercising with their Xbox, but can now play videos games while they sit and get their heart rate going on our Exerbike. Maybe the technology in the Kinect was what invited them, so they can experiment with our Eyeplay Floor; maybe it is the instant gratification from video games that helped so they turn to our T-Wall or iDance 2. Transitioning in the fitness world and being healthy in the most engaging and comfortable way is one of our goals, and the Xbox Fitness program and lessons lends its hand to our objective.

Regardless of age, many people have a hard time breaking through that gateway into fitness, and with these new interactive technologies by both Microsoft and Exergame Fitness it is hoped that it can be changed dramatically. Check out the videos below showcasing some of our products the compliment the experience on the Xbox One Fitness app very well.