The Rocky Run YMCA, located just west of Philadelphia PA, is a community built on helping their members learn, grow and thrive in their own unique way. The organization is particularly focused on youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility. This fall, Rocky Run YMCA turned to Exergame’s interactive fitness system as a way to better serve their community, especially the organization’s families and youth.

In line with their philosophy of having something for everyone, the YMCA installed a modified version of the Youth X Fitness Room from Exergame in October including: a TWall, a four player iDance system, two Exerbikes, and an EyePlay. With all the new equipment, the youth at Rocky Run YMCA have plenty new to explore.

Rocky Run YMCA’s Executive Director, Katie Duffus expressed her excitement with their decision to bring the Exergame concept to their facility. “Everything has been great! The older kids are much more engaged!” Duffus also added “My son is going have a birthday party using the [Exergame] room. He is so excited.” Exergaming brings a unique ability to do multiplayer workouts, perfect for birthday parties or a kid friendly zone. It even helps to foster some friendly competition, which – according to a study published in the Journal of Educational and Developmental Psychology titled Effects of Exergame Play on EF in Children and Adolescents at a Summer Camp for Low Income Youth – makes it that much more engaging for kids and improves their executive function skills.  It is the perfect way to get kids and families active together and offers them a chance to exercise while playing the games they love.  Most kids don’t even realize how much they worked out due to the amount of fun they’re having.

Duffus concluded that “[Exergame] is just what we were looking for.”

To view the Rocky Run YMCA modified Youth X Fitness Room, please click here.

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