At noon today, Barack Obama will be sworn in as the 44th President of the United States of America while the nation is facing challenges not seen in decades. Yet the people of this great country are filled with a renewed sense of optimism. Citizens are recognizing that their power to influence government goes beyond a visit to the voting booth on Election Day.

For the fitness industry, these are both challenging times and rewarding times. While the day-to-day operations within a club, especially in January, can make it hard to look beyond the walls of your facility, this is a moment that can impact the future of our industry in the US.

That is why IHRSA is proud to announce the Campaign for a Healthier America- a movement to bring together fitness professionals from around the country to speak out loudly and together to rebuild America’s health and to redesign the health care system to include physical activity as a central and constant component.

This is your opportunity to help bring change to Washington and the health care system by speaking out for physical activity. In the coming weeks and months you will have many opportunities to be a part of the Campaign for a Healthier America. For today, please join us in congratulating President Barack Obama by joining our Inauguration Day Discussion Board, where fitness professionals just like you are sharing their thoughts on how the new Administration will affect them. Looking for another way to support the Campaign for a Healthier America? Make a contribution to the Industry Leadership Council. Give what you can to support a healthier nation. Every donation, whether it is $10 or $1,000, helps bring America one-step closer to a health care system that recognizes the fitness industry as a partner and provider for a healthier future for our country.

Learn how IHRSA is working to include physical activity in the health care reform debate. Read the Vision for a Healthier America. Keep up on the latest news from Washington:Movement for a Healthier America Blog: Insight and commentary on public policy issues facing the health and fitness industry from the IHRSA Global Public Policy Team.Capitol Report: A weekly email update with news on legal and legislative issues impacting the fitness industry. A must for the in box of every fitness professional.

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