The IMAGINE campaign began in 2007 when agroup of Grand Forks citizens started raising funds to build a new health andwellness facility and renovate the existing Family YMCA. Thanks to donors’ andbusiness sponsors’ vision and generosity, all residents can now benefit fromexceptional new health and fitness facilities.

We have found nothing quite like it in the country.  Today, this historicmovement has allowed the Grand Forks Park District the ability to continueenhancing lives throughout the community. Through a more efficient use ofcombined knowledge, expertise, resources and strengths, Choice Health &Fitness and Altru Family YMCA promise optimal health and wellness to thecommunity, for all ages and abilities, for generations to come.

As part of this focus Exergame Fitness willbe introducing a new Kids Fitness area called the Kids Zone. The Kids Zoneinteractive play space for middle school age youth will use some of the latestand greatest technology in the Exergaming Market provided through months ofconsultation with Exergame Fitness. Some products you can expect to see in this area are the Exerbike GS,Gamecycle Brainbike, Lightspace Wall, Impact Arcade DDR Platforms, andMakoto.  All considered to be someof the top of the line products in enhancing youth fitness for your children.

The Exerbike GS s a strong and reliablecommercial-grade stationary bike enhanced with pedal-to-play gamercizetechnology.  This product uses magnetic resistance technology and can be usedwith any XBOX game to create the best workout experience.  The resistanceand program settings will keep you working while the adjustable and safetyfeatures will keep you comfortable.  Using feedback information from theconsole screen, all Exerbike GS rides can be recorded and tracked.

For fitness centers, YMCAs, and CommunityCenters, the Gamecycle offers the kind of innovative exercise outlet thatbrings people through the door. Upper body exercise outlets are oftenunder-represented in exercise facilities — in part because standard armergometers are considered boring. The GameCycle shatters that boring image byoffering upper-body exercise merged with videogames.

Developed by a team of neuropsychologists andmedical specialists, the Neuroactive Brainbikeand  brain-fitness program improves both your brain and your lifewith a diverse array of fun and easy brain exercises that revitalize everyaspect of your cognitive, psychological and physical health. Using state-of-the-artartificial intelligence to customize your training, Neuroactive® stimulates 16 key functions, optimizing yourbrain for memory, processing speed and vital skills like the ability toremember new faces.

The all new Lightspace Play Wall haseverything you need to make Exergaming competitive, fun and amazing to look at!The Lightspace Play Wall combines the latest in interactive technology withsoftware controlled content that will provide hours of fun and exercise forkids and adults of all ages and abilities. The system is capable of storing andrunning a potentially limitless variety of games and interactive programs thatcan be used by multiple participants simultaneously. The Lightspace Play Wallcreates an engaging experience that will draw young children, teenagers andadults to activities what will excite and entertain them, all while keepingthem active and fit. The Play Floor is controlled and powered via theLightspace Console.

The Impact dance platforms are designed bydance game specialists in close co-operation with the world’s best machinedancers, to ensure the highest level of product excellence.  DDR has been around for over a decadenow and Impact Arcade platforms from Positive Gaming provide the most engagingexperience yet.

The Makoto Arena II is the premier Exergamingsystem on the market today. Why? It is the only interactive game that isthree-dimensional in which the player is totally immersed in lights and sounds.This multiplanar, multidirectional interactive fitness game delivers documentedbrain and body fitness while providing the participant unbridled fun andexcitement!

We invite you to join Choice Health Fitnessand Exergame Fitness on September 24, 2012 for theGRAND OPENING!  We hope that not only will you be impressedwith the state-of-the-art Choice Health Fitness Center, but also intrigued tofind ways to get your children excited about fitness using Exergaming in thenew Kids Fitness Zone.