The Decatur YMCA has recently made steps to strengthen kids and youth fitness at their facility. Among other equipment the Exergaming equipment includes the Fit Interactive 3 Kick, CardioWall Verticals, and Railyard Conditioning Course. These machines are the extra push some kids need to get involved in the game, or to just get moving in general.


The Railyard Conditioning Course is a unique system that works very well for kids. Being able to customize and adjust the layout of the boards makes the replay-ability and engagement maximized for everyone. Below is a nice little video showing you how the Railyard system looks and plays.

Decatur is located in Macon County, IL which is actually the most obese county in the state. Over the past few years though, the area has seen improvements and changes to both the youth populous and full adults. A root to this promising change is the Decatur YMCA and other health clubs in the area, promoting and supporting physical activity, team and group sports/activities, and healthy eating.

As all other YMCA associations we know that the Decatur YMCA will stay committed and driven to supporting healthy lifestyles for kids and children. We hope in the future the Decatur YMCA continues to expand their interactive fitness and Exergaming programs. Please check out our Facebook, Twitter, and new Instagram page.

UPDATE 1/20/16: The Director at the Decatur Family YMCA has this to say: “Update on the Exergame Fitness equipment from Decatur Family YMCA-we have tripled the number of kids using the Youth Fit Club with the addition of the 2 pieces of equipment.  Parents are enjoying interacting with their kids as well.”