Physical Education at the Naperville School District hasalways been about providing every student with a variety of challenges thatwill contribute to the development and maintenance of their physical,cognitive, and affective well being. 


At Naperville they believe physicaleducation is a lifelong process, which is the primary responsibility of thestudent, shared by home, district and community.  Students at Naperville areprovided with the foundation for making informed decisions that will empowerthem to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle. 


While being known nationwideas having one of the most innovative physical education programs, they alsolike to share their knowledge with outside physical educationprofessionals.  To celebrate this eventthey host the DuPage County Institute every year at Naperville North HighSchool.

This event brings in some of the very best physical education professionalsthroughout the Midwest.  Here you willlearn about the latest in athletic and physical education equipment;textbooks; teaching aids; curriculum materials; athletic trainingsupplies; health and nutrition products; assessment tools; outdoor adventure,adapted physical activity, and aquatic equipment; and this year…exergaming.


Exergame Fitness is known as one of the leadersin implementing technology into a physical education setting.  Our mission is very clear at Exergame Fitness,to inspire physical activity through the most cutting-edge active gameexperience – AND – to provide fun, sustainable solutions to fight childhoodobesity. Our high-quality Exergaming products are designed to provideoutstanding physical performance and a beneficial learning experience.

Not only attending the Dupage County Institute,but as a pre-conference to this event you will be able to see some of the mostpopular physical education exergaming pieces at the Vault.

The VAULT location is home of the premierExergame Training Academy and showroom in the world.  In partnership withthe Chicago Bulls and Chicago White Sox it showcases many of the industriesleading products, lessons and solutions.

This Professional Development / Exergame Education Workshop showsyou the exciting possibilities of how using technology, combined with games andphysical activity, can enhance and enrich the lives of generations. Teacherswho attend the pre-conference will hear information from leaders in the fieldabout how ExerGaming can help educators to be even more effective in reachingour youth. Participants will find this full-day ExerGaming pre-conference fun,educational, and invaluable in helping to promote high-quality physicaleducation and physical activity to maximize the educational experience.

We hope that you will join Exergame Fitness and the DuPage County Institute in this great multiday event centered on Physical Education FridayMarch 2nd, 2012 from 8:00am-1:45pm.