Tuesday, Dec.10, 2013,Edison Elementary in Appleton, WI assembled to watch a video posted on U.S. Cellular’swebsite that determined their chance to implement a wellness room for theirschool.


Seconds later, students,teachers, and staff let out a huge cheer as their school name appeared in the winners’video. Then, eight U.S. Cellular representatives awarded them a $25,000 check partof the “Calling All Communities” campaign. 


U.S. Cellular’s annualcampaign challenges schools to gather community support for a chance to win$25,000 in order to enhance their educational experience. Edison Elementary wasone of those winning schools, thanks to community support.


“People in the community instantly jumped on board as we knew that $25,000towards a wellness room will positively affect kids and families forgenerations to come. Everyone was ecstatic when we won,” said Chuck Heurkens,Physical Education teacher at Edison Elementary.


Their community came together tomake this happen and now the school wants to get started as soon as possible. Theschool plans to use the money to purchase several exergames such as TWall,3Kick, and Touch Magic Flow, and other fitness equipment. The benefits they willgain by having the wellness room is a decrease in impulsivity, improvements infitness and academic scores, and overall kids becoming more active.  


“It’s not just aboutexercising, it’s about having fun and to how exercise makes you feel,” saidHeurkens.   


As they hope to have theequipment ready by middle of January, they would still like your help.  The Edison Elementary wellness room projectcosts around $90,000.  They are lookingfor donations or sponsorships to fulfill their goal and help kids stay healthyand be active.  If you would like tohelp, please contact Exergame Fitness at 847-963-8969 or info@exergamefitness.com

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