The Edmond Martial Arts Academy is great little martial arts school that focuses on teaching our youth, located in Edmond, Oklahoma. It always excites us having installations at less than traditional places to have our equipment, as compared to a YMCA or health club. This is amazing in that it shows people how varied our equipment is and can be. Not only can kids be engaged and active in this safe area, adults can reap the benefits and more from the same machines in the same room.

Edmond Martial Arts chose an excellent mix of exergaming products to make for a great youth fitness room. They received a T-Wall 64, Fit Interactive 3 Kick, Fit Interactive Heavy Ball, and a pair of Exerbike systems. These products in this room with effectively help kids develop their strength, speed, reaction, hand & coordination, and even social skills that will help them with things outside of being active.



We are excited to see what Edmond can do with their exergaming room. The kids can help develop functional movements that will help them in their martial arts training, and even though these are kids the Heavy Ball and T-Wall 64 can assist in their strength & conditioning – which will all help them in their actual training. The 3 kick is also a great piece for reaction training and hand-eye coordination training, which is an essential set of skills in martial arts. Finally, the Exerbike system, will simply keep kids engaged and active – between the multiplayer aspect and taking turns this is an easy way to get kids’ cardio for the day in while keeping them safe and social.

Edmond Martial Arts Academy just got their exergaming room so only time will tell how much use they will get out of it! We will follow up in a few weeks to see the great experiences everyone is having with the new room. Stay tuned and look out for our newsletter – which you can subscribe to here. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for all of your latest exergaming industry news!

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