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Kids playing on Pavigym Square - an interactive flooring product.
Kids playing on Pavigym Square – an interactive flooring product.

Cardio fitness videos and exergaming is one of the more efficient ways to engage the new member at your club.  These interactive games can not only get the blood pumping, but can do so much more.  Studies have shown that the best cardio workouts can be when the participant doesn’t even know their exercising with active games. Interactive products focused on cardio fitness from Exergame like the Exerbike help people move from being a couch potato to active lifestyle by meeting them where their interests lie. For example, video gamers simply pedal to activate the attached controller and play their favorite Xbox games on the Exerbike.

Father and son playing on Exerbikes.
Father and son playing on Exerbikes.

Cardio fitness videos and exergames are great for boosting brain functionality. The best workouts can actually help make you more intelligent and more motivated to work hard in your day to day life, while fighting things like depression and anxiety. The best cardio fitness videos offer exercises that research shows improve your overall health and long term well being, with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention focusing on all the benefits it can cause. Interactive games can help with things like proprioception, vestibular control, hand-foot-eye coordination, cognitive agility, motor coordination, reaction speed, neural system repair, attention and focus, memory, speed, reaction timing, and baseline for concussion evaluation.

A Spivi spin class.
A Spivi spin class.

Exergaming can be used in setting like Health Clubs, YMCAs, Municipalities, Parks and Recreation, Medical, Military, Rehab, and so many more! Put interactive games to use in your daily life and choose to be active.  Some of the products projection  are based and can be used to get little kids exercising.  Active gaming floor spaces can turn any area into one big game!  The best active games improve your overall lifestyle, giving you power to be a healthier and happier person. Try our youth x room for upper body, lower body, speed, stamina, and quickness based drills.   If you wanted to improve your martial arts, try using the 3 Kick which is designed with proprietary and resilient foam pads that can be punched, kicked, slapped, or tapped with shoes or bare feet, a fist, or an open palm. A fat burning cardio program like exergaming is needed in your day to day lifestyle for long life, and happy living.

Our philosophy is to create fun, exciting environments where the worlds of technology and fitness intersect.


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Exergame Fitness is leading a new movement incorporating technology into fitness. We provide a new way to engage people in fitness, through gamification and technology. By doing this, we create socially engaging, supportive, and inviting fitness communities worldwide.

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