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ESPN’s new original series RISE UP will be telling the story of four communities coming together torenovate their local high school’s athletic facilities.  Theinspirational, four-episode series will showcase renovation projects from startto finish and will also focus on giving students advice, training, and toolsthat they can use to become better athletes.  POWERADE® is asponsor of RISE UP, providing hydrationproducts for the series.  As a final conclusion to this series you will beable to see Walter H. Dyett High School in Chicago, IL and how profound arenovation can be to a community.

Taking part in this great segment of giving was Exergame Fitness in their partnership with Makoto USA. In weeks leading up to this event Exergame Fitness consulted with ESPNon what could be an innovative and exciting product to bring to the Walter H.Dyett High School.  Exergame Fitness, theleader in the exergaming market knew that they should look no further than theMakoto.

The Makoto Arena II is the premier Exergaming system on themarket today. Why? It is the only interactive game that is three-dimensional inwhich the player is totally immersed in lights and sounds. This multiplanar,multidirectional interactive fitness game delivers documented brain and bodyfitness while providing the participant unbridled fun and excitement!

“We knew when ESPN came to us on this inspiring project thatwe needed to provide them with some of the best in the business.  We have worked with Makoto for years and knewit would be a perfect addition to this transformation the school wasundertaking,” says Ed Kasanders, President of Exergame Fitness.

Inspired by ESPN RISE’s mission to engage and elevate highschool athletes through recognition, resources, information, and inspiration,the series chronicles the renovation of a different school each week. Each episode follows as community members come together to refurbish the onething that ties them all together – the local high school athletic program. RISE UP spends time with thestudents and coaches in each community, uncovering the challenges facing highschool athletes today, and working with professional athletes, coaches, andtrainers to help motivate and inspire them to reach even greater goals.

RISE UP Chicagolater tonight, October 4. The episode will be televised at 7:00 p.m. ET onESPN.

RISE UP-Chicago Before Pictures of Walter H. Dyett High School

RISE UP-Promotional Video on the segment you will see later tonight

We hope you will tune in with ESPN, Exergame Fitness, andMakoto on this exceptional broadcast on how with inspiring support of a few,you can change a community.

Our philosophy is to create fun, exciting environments where the worlds of technology and fitness intersect.


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