Courage League Sports, a recreational adaptive sports facility located in Urbandale, IA offers sport programs for children who may be disabled, ill or face emotional challenges. 

Courage League Sports was founded by Melisa Clarke-Wharff, whose son Jack suffered a series of strokes at the age of eight. With his love of sports, they decided to open Courage League to give kids like Jack, along with their families an opportunity to play. 
Since their opening in October, Courage League offers everything from basketball, volleyball, kickboxing, dance, exercise equipment and more. They are one of the main non-profit organizations in Central Iowa to offer both adaptive and non-adaptive sports and recreational programming year-round. Yet, they were also looking to offer something different that will further pique children’s interest. With a vision of “Every child deserves to play,” they chose exergames as a unique addition that will help with a range of disability levels, including physical, cognitive, and emotional disabilities. 
The Des Moines Leadership Institute Class of 2014 selected Courage League Sports as its civic engagement partner. Over 100 non-profit organizations had applied but only three were selected to present. Courage League was one of them and with Jack by their side, he won everyone over! 
By choosing exergames, they hope to benefit excitement and more participation from the children. From the autism spectrum, the lighting and stimulation from our T-Wall will be very therapeutical for them. While the EyePlay will motivate kids to start playing the different variety of games offered as they’re projected on the floor. 
Through all this support, Courage League Sports will also improve their gymnasium and reception area. They hope to have everything ready for their big kickoff around mid-May. 
To donate or learn more about Courage League, visit their website
Please take a moment and watch this inspiring video introducing Jack, Courage League and all the great things it does.