In a recent publication by the American Journal of Preventive Medicine entitled “Exergaming and Older Adult Cognition”, researchers concluded that Virtual reality-enhanced exercise, or“exergames,” combining physical exercise with computer-simulated environments and interactive videogame features, can yield a greater cognitive benefit for older adults than traditional exercise alone.

In a quotedirectly from the study, “We found that for older adults, virtual-realityenhanced interactive exercise, or ‘cybercycling’ two to three times per weekfor 3 months, yielded greater cognitive benefit, and perhaps added protectionagainst mild cognitive impairment (MCI), than a similar dose of traditionalexercise,” explains lead investigator Cay Anderson-Hanley, PhD, from theHealthy Aging and Neuropsychology Lab and Department of Psychology at UnionCollege, Schenectady, NY.

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