Last week our sales team made the journey out to California to the annual IHRSA Fitness Industry show in Los Angeles. Unlike last year, we did attend as an exhibitor with a booth, but rather a to browse the show. This gave us a better chance to network, check out new products/technologies, and as well as catch up on the industry trends. If you haven’t checked out our video highlights from last year, watch the short video on YouTube here.

We had several partners exhibit themselves at the show, most notably our new Exergaming partner from Italy, Reaxing Fitness. Currently, we carry one of their more mobile products, the Reax Lights set – but they had their full product line featured at their booth. Everything from simple products like the Reax Lights & Lift all the way to higher intensity training options like Reax Raft & Board. This was the first chance we had to see a lot of these products together in one spot – which we were very impressed with. The Reax product line has the ability to be a simple add-on for a fitness space or be fully integrated into an interactive fitness gym, this versatility is perfect for us at Exergame Fitness.

We snapped a few shots of the Reaxing booth models in action on the equipment. The first photo is a great example to see how the Reax Lights can be hung/placed, and how small the pods are. The other two show a full workout circuit in action with all the equipment in the booth, to see the rest of the photos see our SmugMug gallery here!

We also were able to make it over to another partner booth of ours – Pulse Interactive from the UK. They were featuring a new interactive stationary bike, the Trixter VR. If you haven’t heard of the Trixter VR before, it is a new age exercise bike that incorporates gaming and virtual reality into it seamlessly. You can create a profile, track your progress across the globe, and compete with others in countless courses and games – in both virtual reality and ours!

Once again, this was a great experience at the 2017 IHRSA show, we can never complain escaping the cold and getting Exergaming out to those who need it!

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