The first week ofNovember will be a busy week for us here at Exergame Fitness.   Part of our team will be in New York for theSuffolk Zone Professional Development Conference 2012 event held at SachemSchool District, and another part of our team will be overseas in Amsterdam atthe Games for Health Europe 2012 Conference. Games for Health is a series ofconferences that showcase the health and research implications of video games.Back in the spring, Motion Fitness was a sponsor at Games for Health USA whichwas hosted in Boston and we are proud to be a sponsor again at the Europeversion of the conference. Drawing hundreds of professionals from all walks ofthe industry, the conference is one of the best places to see what is currentlyavailable and what will soon be available in the Exergaming industry. Exergamingis a term that has been coined to bridge fitness and video gaming together andis slowly becoming mainstream terminology.


This year Exergame Fitness will be focusing on two products at the Games for Health Conference,the iDance group fitness game and the interactive fitness product tWall.  iDance, which is a Dance Dance Revolutionlike system, can support up to 32 players at a time.  The tWall, which is a high tech interactivelight wall, also incorporates multiple players at one time.  The revolving idea behind these two products isa multiplayer aspect that increases motivation and exercise benefit.  Based around gamification, turning fitnessinto game play, studies are showing that children and adults alike are morelikely to reach their fitness goals.


For more informationon this event, please visit Games for Health 2012