Physical Education Department George Velarde has transformed the school’s traditional physical education program, introducing students to the “New P.E.” Rather than focusing on traditional team sports, his program stresses individual student fitness. He has received numerous accolades for his achievement. George Velarde was recently awarded a Gold Medal by the Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness in a Sports Spotlight Awards ceremony in Sacramento.

This year Exergame Fitness was invited to participate in his highly publicized “Product Showcase Day” at Sierra Vista Junior High and we decided to bring the iDANCE Wireless Dance and Step System, The NeuroActive BrainBike, Gamercize with FIFA Soccer and Xavix Boxing with Jackie Chan!

Every year George raises money for his school and we can’t tell you just how much this means to his entire community and how he is changing the face of PE. This event jump-starts the Physical Education Department’s two-week fundraiser that culminates into the school’s annual Fitness Expo.

“Our new partnership with Exergame Fitness will allow us to showcase the world’s best Exergaming products to our school and community,” said George Velarde, Sierra Vista High School Education Department chair” says George Velarde

What a day!! Our Product Showcase Day was a huge success!!!! The fund raiser now begins. The students were so excited to see our future products. Thanks Tommy &  Parker from Exergame Fitness, Joel from MedPlay Technologies and Emily from Positive Gaming / iDANCE) for all your help today in making this our Best Product Showcase Day in the 7 years we been doing this.