Every 3 years the YMCA Association holds their own YMCA General Assembly, and we are excited to once again be apart of this fantastic gathering of passionate people. The Assembly focuses on youth fitness and development like many of the YMCAs across the nation do, the YMCA association sees the importance in investing in our youth for the future. Exergame Fitness has always been devoted to this, and we have always had a special relationship with YMCAs.

It feels like it was just yesterday – take a look at our booth from the YMCA General Assembly 2013 here. [SmugMug galley]. We will have our own booth again at this year’s General Assembly – updated and better than before!

Youth Dev Cycle YMCA

The purpose of the Assembly is not like most trade shows where you come strictly to sell products, this is more of a relationship building event. It gives us the opportunity to both show off our products but more importantly – how we have developed our product line, training programs, and concepts all around youth fitness and development. Countless YMCAs have had their kids benefit from our exergaming equipment and programs, from the Edmond YMCA to Rye YMCA we have spread exergaming across the nation.

Since the birth of Exergame Fitness, we have been passionate about keeping kids engaged in fitness and helping the fight against obesity for not just children, but for everyone. We have equipment that can be used by anyone at any activity level but also programs and workouts that teach leadership, desire, hard work, and more – all of which are important for a child to gain a grasp of.

This post will stay updated with the latest news about Exergame Fitness at the YMCA General Assembly 2016. You can also visit our General Assembly page here. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest exergaming news and updates about the General Assembly 2016.