ATHENS, GREECE November 2014 – Exergaming has made its way to Athens Greece when Vari Sports Club installed a modified Youth X room in their facility. Their Exergame room includes a 4 player iDance system, a 3Kick, Twall 64, an EyePlay Floor, and two Exerbikes. Each product is an interactive gaming system that combines fitness, technology, and gameplay to get people moving and active while having fun.

Exergaming is focused on using technology and games to get the players moving and can be used by people of all ages. The EyePlay is a projector based game using motion sensor technology that allows multiple people to interact with the projected images either on the floor or the wall while the iDance system uses wireless dance pads that allow large groups to play a DDR like game. The Exerbikes are hooked up to Xbox systems where users have to pedal in order to get the controller to work. And the 3Kick and TWall challenges players to improve their reaction speed by getting players to “turn off” randomly lit sensors on both their interfaces.

DSC05993 DSC05995 DSC05999 DSC06002 DSC06011

Vari Sports Club is part of a growing trend in Europe to bring gamification to health clubs, schools, and other health organizations. Exergame Europe works closely with Exergame Fitness to help meet the needs of the fitness community in Europe.

Exergame Fitness is the worldwide leader in providing Health Clubs with the best interactive fitness equipment and turnkey room solutions. With the increase in popularity of the fit-tech industry, club members are looking for these types of opportunities at their clubs in order to make fitness a family affair. Exergame Fitness helps facilities like Vari Sports Club meet those demands and bring their fitness experience into the 21st century.

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