GREEN BAY, WI – Thousands of kids packed the atrium at Lambeau Field, home of the NFL’s Green Bay Packers for the YMCA Healthy Kids Day on May 2nd 2009. Throughout the day, kids around the state were introduced to a popular new form of videogame exercise called “Exergaming”. Exergaming is a new form of exercise by playing video games that require movement and interaction on all different levels! Exergaming inspires physical activity through the most cutting-edge active gaming experiences. It is a fun and sustainable solution to working out.

Two popular Exergaming products that were provided by Exergame Fitness at the event was the T-Wall (Interactive Light Wall) and a Nintendo Wii dance and step system called Dance, Dance Revolution (DDR). The rules for T-Wall are simple but challenging: on a wall with numerous touch surfaces, red signals light up in sequence of varying positions and speeds. The user’s task is to deactivate the light as soon as it appears by touching the light on the wall. Act and react as quick as you can.
The Wii DDR Multiplayer system by Cobalt Flux is a dance and step system that allows up to four competing users at once. Simply step on the arrows on your platform and match them up to the screen accurately. There are over 50+ songs and with a wide variety of practice mats by Exergame Fitness you can have up to 16 active players at one time.
Tommy Seilheimer VP of Exergame Fitness adds:
“Our main goal along with the Greater Green Bay YMCA is to raise awareness and promote healthier lifestyles for kids and families in the Wisconsin community. Active Gaming, otherwise known as Exergaming is a way for kids to do something they are already familiar with and relate too…playing videogames. The difference here is that they are required to actively move and react in order to participate in our games. That’s the healthy aspect of what we do.
Combining videogames and exercise is the perfect merger for transitioning kids that are inactive and not getting enough daily exercise and activity, into kids that are competing with others, while playing fun interactive games that also require thinking and focus.”

Event organizer Bret Salscheider added:
“We’ve seen thousands of people come into Lambeau Field today and having lots of fun! We are extremely excited to have Exergame Fitness as a sponsor in this event and look forward to continually promoting a way that kids can stay active and healthy while having fun in our community, It is a very unique and creative way to get kids engaged.”
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