The Freedom Climber pictured here was provided by Exergame Fitness USA for their partner in Dubai called In Motion. In Motion is a pioneer in providing a healthy lifestyle that combines fitness and interactive gaming through innovative concepts that address today’s youths’ wellbeing. In Motion – in association with one of the leading exergame fitness experts and a leading child wellness education center have initiated a novel wellness club in their area.

The Freedom Climber provides all the benefits of climbing without the risk of falling from a 30 ft. wall. Being non-motorized, it requires no electricity or batteries to operate. It extends out from your wall only 8 inches and the 90 inch climbing surface rotates quietly clockwise or counter-clockwise being governed by a patent pending mechanism that is virtually maintenance free. Now, even with limited space, a fitness facility, recreation center, school or even a home or office can offer a climbing experience that is free from a safety harness or ropes. No risk. No strings.

Lightspace Play is a multi-purpose interactive entertainment system which is played by the player moving their entire body to activate the game controls. This process provides an aerobic value to playing a classic game of Pong versus the traditional hand/eye coordination required of a standard video game cabinet. The Lightspace Play creates an engaging experience that will draw young children, teenagers and adults to activities that will excite and entertain them while keeping them active and fit.

Makoto Sport Arena. Enter the triangular arena and compete against lights, sounds and time. Each of the three towers has ten targets that randomly activate. Hear a sound from the tower and strike a light on the target with your hands, feet, staff, or bopper. Your body moves, lunges, stretches, bends, twists & burns calories rapidly. The more accurate you strike, the better score you receive.

Motivatrix mimics existing DDR systems in design, but it features a number of internal games inside to keep your workout sessions fresh. When you step on, optical scanners begin tracking your movements and energy expenditure. You can choose personal trainer mode, which will walk you through exercises in proper form; take an aerobics class; or opt for a Max Challenge Workout, in which your body acts as a joystick for games.

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