RAYTOWN, MO. — At the start of the New Year, the focus is always on being fit, instead of fat. FOX 4’s Meryl Lin McKean went looking for “fit” trends to look for in 2009.

Look for more fitness programs geared toward your age group.

Martha Corey came to Fit for Life in Raytown where she feels comfortable exercising and socializing.

“It’s like our second home and the social is every bit as much as the physical,” said Corey.

In ’09, there will be more health professionals offering individualized help. Personal trainers and registered dietitians aren’t just for the wealthy. You can get counseling online, over the phone and even in your own home.

“And actually sit down in their environment with their dishes and their refrigerators and their food and really look at it and say this might be a good choice, but if it was me, I probably wouldn’t buy this again,” said registered dietitian Dawn Privett.

More employers and insurance companies will offer incentives like free gym memberships and gift cards believing they can cut health care costs.

“That if they can get people more healthy they’re more resistant to disease, they’re not as depressed, they’re happier,” said Privett.

Expect more exergaming, such as Wii. It’s a way to get the whole family more active at home. There’s no need to go to the gym. And, more of us will view exercise as medicine. It can be cheaper than pills and in many cases, just as effective.

“I start on the treadmill and I think this feels so good. And you go out and have a better day,” said Corey.

Also in 2009, nutrition information for fast foods should become more available. And, some grocery chains, like Hyvee, plan to add information to store shelves.

More Information:
Head to the American Dietetics Association’s “find a nutrition professional” section for individualized counseling from a registered dietitian.

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