Exergame Fitness is excited to bring fun and exciting fitness choices to the JCC Biennial Conference May 6-9, 2012 in New Orleans, Louisiana.

“We have had many great installs of Exergame equipment in JCC locations throughout the country. When you create an engaging room experience for Kids, Adults and Seniors and combine that with the latest technology using active game play, you have a winning formula”, says Parker Johnson, Project Manager.

“We want to share these JCC success stories and get all Locations across the country to be a leader in Kids Fitness and creating healthy lifestyle choices.”

Exergame Fitness aloing with the JCC Association is creating a network of clubs across the country that share common goals and missions to fight inactivity with the help of new age Technology.  “We have offered products, services and facility training before, but now we are using the power of social media, online game play, monitoring and tracking devices and customized games for the JCC organization.  We have the ability for each club to utilize sponsors and foundations to get Exergame Rooms in their facility, by custom branding the products and games.  The Sponsors are getting exposure by showing their support, and the members are being active with cool fitness games.” Ed Kasanders – CEO of Exergame Fitness.

About Exergame Fitness:
Exergame products bring exercise and game play together. We use technology, combined with games, and physical activity to enhance the lives of generations.  www.exergamefitness.com

About JCC Biennial:
Learn how to connect with a new generation, bring in more young people, and attract more new leaders. Bring valuable tools back to your JCC, including an understanding of how to use new technologies for program creation, marketing, and delivery.  http://biennial.jcca.org

Get the APP:  JCCs of North America Biennial has gone mobile!  http://guidebook.com/g/JCCBiennial/

About JCC Association:
JCC Association of North America is the continental leadership organization for the Jewish Community Center Movement, which includes more than 350 locations in the United States and Canada. Our mission is to help JCCs serve their communities and inspire Jewish journeys.  As the eyes and ears of the JCC Movement, we follow the latest developments and trends, and explore the ways that local JCCs can use this knowledge most effectively.  http://www.jcca.org/