The Exergame industry hits the right buttons to providesolutions for the Top 20 Worldwide Fitness Trends for 2012, recently releasedby ACSM.

According to an annual survey conducted by the AmericanCollege of Sports Medicine,

“Children and obesity, dance workouts, and Group personaltraining were top fitness trends predicted for 2012.”

Other activities making the top-20 list included Fitnessprograms for older adults, Exercise and weight loss, Functional fitness, andspinning.

Exergaming, Active Games, and Interactive Exercise offeredby companies such as Exergame Fitness fulfill the needs in many of the topindustry categories to focus on for 2012.

Samples include the following solutions: (Full details can be found at along with valuable Resources for KidsHealth & Fitness)

#5 Children andObesity

The Exergame industry’s primary goal is to address Childrenand Obesity through Fun and Engaging Fitness Games. Bringing Exercise and GamePlay Together is the mission of Exergame Fitness, and that is exactly what ithas done over the past 8 years and with hundreds of clubs across the world.

“We create incrediblyengaging environments with a variety of interactive products. On the mostfundamental level the products use games that require the user to move in orderto play. If a product is fun, and people want to play them instead of have touse them, we have made a difference” Comments Ed Kasanders – President ofExergame Fitness.  “We then combine severalproducts into areas which gives variety of products and variety of fitnessmethods so users will continue to come back over and over again.”

Exergame Fitness has been very successful with a provenconcept model inside the non-profits like: YMCA, JCC, Parks and Recs, Schools;now the goal is to get broader penetration into the Health Clubs. The clubsthat do this will provide a unique proposition for their communities, addressthe problem of childhood obesity, and have greater effect on the health ofchildren as they mature into adults.

Proponents such as TEN (The Exergame Network) represents aninternational collaboration of dedicated health and fitness practitioners,exergame developers, researchers and clinicians, wellness entrepreneurs, alldevoted to promoting an active and healthy lifestyle through Exergaming.

#8 Zumba and otherdance workouts.

Group dance products continue to be popular every year sincethe early days of Jazzercise.  The socialand group dynamics that these workouts provide keep the exercise engaging andprovide sustainability.

A product likeiDANCE provides an electronicDance and Step Game that engages users on many levels.

Multiplying the popularity of DDR (Dance Dance Revolutions),iDANCE uses Step and Arrow Charts set along to music. Numerous song titlesalong with multiple options for ability levels, effects and platform placementkeep iDANCE fresh and exciting.

“I have never seen an Exergame that is so natural in itsmovements. Each step is perfectly related to the beat of the music and followsa natural rythmic movement pattern during play. An absolute beginner can play along with an expert gamer and both willenjoy themselves.  It will track and recordyour progression so a user can monitor their health and fitness levels,” saysParker Johnson, Project Manager of Motion Fitness.

#3 Fitness programsfor older adults.

Older adults need to continually keep their memory andhealth functions at a high level. A Product like Brainbikeuses proven Brain Training Software that stimulates 16 key functions,optimizing your brain for memory, processing speed, and retention. Whatseperates BrainBike from any other product is that the software is played whileriding a Recumbent Exercise Bike and uses Gamercize technology that requiresyou to pedal in order to play the games. Think you’re too busy? Just three 15- to 20-minute sessions a weekdeliver quick, long-lasting results. To save more time, you can even fitNeuroActive® into your cardio workout, maximizing your free time while youoptimize your brain!

The tWALL– Touch Exergame Wall is another great fitness product for older adults. By simplyreacting to colored LED touch targets in a random sequence and speed, the userwill benefit from Reaction Training, Hand-EyeCoordination, NeurologicalDevelopment,and Focus Training.

#16. Spinning (indoorcycling)

The Exergame industry was recently introduced to the WebRacerwhich brings Virtual race technology to groups up to 20 users all connectedwirelessly to the software system. The social advantage to riding in groups separatesthe WebRacer from any other interactive group cycle product.

Fit Interactive products like the 3Kick,Heavyball and Jump Q, when combined into an integrated group, provide one of the bestinteractive fitness and training programs. With a custom configuration fromExergame Fitness, users will run, jump, and squat as they react to various littargets.  A Fit Interactive set-up willoffer a lot of movement and activity in a small space, and it gives solutionsfor these groups: #4. Exercise andweight loss, #7. Core training, #8. Group personal training, #10. Functionalfitness, #17. Sport-specific training.

It is really encouraging to see that our company focuses onmany of the Fitness industry’s top markets. Although we do emphasize kidsfitness, due to the many global issues that are prevalent, we do have productsolutions for many markets.  A trip toour Exergame Training Academy in partnership with the NBA Chicago Bulls and MLB ChicagoWhite Sox showcases the best in the Exergame and Active Gaming industry to manydifferent market segments.  Productsinclude:  Lightspace Play Wall and Floor,Treadwall, Makoto II Arena, iDANCE, Exerbike, Freedom Climber, Move+, RailyardFitness, Motion TouchMagix, and Activate.

About ExergameFitness

See how the exciting possibilities of using technology,combined with games, and physical activity can enhance the lives ofgenerations.

Our mission is very clear here at Exergame Fitness: Toinspire physical activity through the most cutting-edge active game experience- AND – to provide fun, sustainable solutions to fight childhood obesity.

Top 20 WorldwideFitness Trends for 2012*

1. Educated, certified and experienced fitness professionals

2. Strength training

3. Fitness programs for older adults

4. Exercise and weight loss

5. Children and obesity

6. Personal training

7. Core training

8. Group personal training

9. ZUMBA and other dance workouts

10. Functional fitness

11. Yoga

12. Comprehensive health promotion programming at theworksite

13. Boot camp

14. Outdoor activities

15. Reaching new markets

16. Spinning (indoor cycling)

17. Sport-specific training

18. Worker incentive programs

19. Wellness coaching

20. Physician referrals


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