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Exergame Fitness Teams up with GameCycle

The Exergame Fitness GameCycle merges upper body exercise with the excitement and enjoyment of video games. The participant uses their arms to crank and steer the GameCycle through the racing games and motions using the Nintendo Game Cube while facilitating cardiovascular fitness, increasing upper body strength and endurance, and improving hand-to-eye coordination.

The GameCycle is truly for all ages:

· For kids in schools or community centers, the GameCycle lets them “play their way to better fitness”. The GameCycle gives kids a challenge they love — the challenge of videogames. But, while playing the videogame, kids get a great workout too.

· For YMCA’s and JCCs, the GameCycle offers the kind of innovative exercise outlet that brings people through the door. While appealing to a general audience, the GameCycle also makes your facility attractive to the growing populations of people with mobility disabilities, seniors and kids.

The GameCycle is user friendly with Quick Start features (removing the barriers to game set-up), adjustable height, forward and reverse crank options, a variety of handgrips for varying hand function, and a smooth, electronic brake for resistance that enables the user to adjust the difficulty of the workout. The GameCycle may be set-up with a screen mounted to the machine for easy placement and use with any facility, or it may be set-up as another station in your facility.

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