Beth Jacob Day School is a highly rated, private, all-girls, Jewish school located in Brooklyn, NY. It has 496 students in grades PK, K-8 with a student-teacher ratio of 10 to 1. After graduation, 71% of students from this school go on to attend a 4-year college!

Within their school walls they are constantly challenging students to reach for higher goals.  As part of their sensory room build recently they added the tWall for students on the autism spectrum.  When they installed a Sensory Room in their school district they saw immediate positive results within their special education and therapy services programs. These Brain Gyms and safe areas for students to go are great for various populations, including: Autism, ADHD, Downs syndrome, Handicapped.

The T-Wall can be used for these Areas of Application:
•Stimulation and improvement of motor and sensomotor skills
•Regulation and improvement of muscle tone
•Training of coordination, gross and fine motor skills, securing of mobility
•Development of physical mobility and physical skills
•Improvement of physical endurance
•Reaction training
For gathering and evaluation of results, analysis of individual progress, applicable to long-term studies.