Exergame Fitness teamed up with the Carolina Panthers and the NFL to bring the TWall to their new Play 60 Zone.  The Panthers were looking for new and creative ideas to bring fun and entertainment to their fans. They opened a brand-new area in their stadium called Sir Purr’s Play 60 Zone.

The Carolina Panthers are recognized as an NFL leader in youth health and fitness programs. The team offers a variety of programs designed to help children establish positive health and fitness habits to curb the rise in childhood obesity. With their brand-new Play 60 Zone, The Panthers are avid supporters of the NFL’s Play 60 initiative. This encourages children to get at least 60 minutes of physical activity each day. What better way to get exercise than using the T-Wall! They will also host birthday parties and other events.

We support the Carolina Panthers effort to combat childhood obesity!

If you are ever at a Carolina Panthers game stop by Sir Purr’s Play 60 Zone and try out the T-Wall!

You can also view the full photo gallery here.

This product mix is an excellent example of how effective an Exergaming space can be, with children or people of any age.

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