Exergaming has been proven to enhance academic performance by building new brain cells and neurological connections that increase learning, memory, and critical thinking. Enterprise Charter School in New York took the necessary steps to not only enhance the physical activity of their students, but also increase their academics with Exergame.

Enterprise Charter School is the only charter school authorized by its local school district in New York State. The school opened as a K-8 school in 2003 with 405 students.  As of late, Enterprise has shifted its focus towards instruction aligned to the common core, with students engaging in Readers and Writer’s Workshop, as well as using the NYS Math Modules for math instruction. Students also participate in Foreign Language, Art, Performing Arts, Computers, and Physical Education classes in grades K-8.

Enterprise wanted to see how they could increase technology in a physical activity setting as well so they turned to Exergame Fitness and wanted to learn more about their Active Labs.

At Enterprise students will be able to use some of the newest Exergame products that increase cognitive function like tWall, 3 Kick, Spivi, and our WaterRower VGS.

Whether training for power, agility, endurance, flexibility, or reaction, tWALL tests your personal limits resulting in the ultimate fitness gaming platform for any challenge.

3 Kick is designed with proprietary and resilient foam pads that can be punched, kicked, slapped, or tapped with shoes or bare feet, a fist, or an open palm. A light comes on in the pad and an audible tone sounds when the pad is hit the light goes off and randomly another comes on.

Spivi turns traditional indoor cycling sessions into a fun and thrilling experience. Group activity is monitored in real time by Spivi’s core engine which uses it to simulate outdoor riding experience projected on screen. Students can see their personal avatars on screen, track their training goals and gain better results over time.

The WaterRower VGS provides a Virtual Reality rowing course on which you can row against other people over the internet or over a network. Alternatively you can record a session and train against it at a later date. There are various different courses, the virtual reality graphics are cutting edge. High Resolution 3-D Graphics capture the look and feel of the great outdoors.

To see more pictures of the tWall 323 Kick, Spivi, and our WaterRower VGS in an academic setting see the pictures of Enterprise Charter School here.

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