Smile Stars Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana has a team of skilled professionals that work together to provide children with superior dental care in a kid-friendly environment. There commitment is founded in a faith and value centric purpose through services and trust with their main goal being to provide a positive experience for every family.

Recently Smile Stars added the tWall to there two office locations to enhance the experience for all families. The tWall provides sensory feedback via lights and touch sensors. It can help kids take their fitness experience to the next level. As we know, some kids can be nervous when they go to the dentist. Now with Smile Stars adding the tWall, kids will now be able to use it while they’re waiting. It will not only calm kids’ nerves, but it will provide a fun and engaging experience for them and their families. I think the tWall can be a great addition to all pediatric dentist offices as it can be an engagement piece that makes for the ultimate experience when having to go to the dentist!

To learn more about Exergame Fitness and how the tWall can be a gamechanger for dentist offices contact us today!