Here at Exergame, we have always been happy with our success coming from Exergaming equipment installed at schools, rec centers, and most of all YMCAs. The interactive aspect of the equipment with bright LEDs, noises, and fun games has been hugely successful with kids in fitness centers for years now. One organization we have slowly been building up a relationship with the past few years, the Boys & Girls Clubs. These facilities are very much like YMCAs except they are youth focused instead of all ages.

Since we have worked with Boys & Girls Clubs so little in the past, our upcoming Exergaming room at the Boys & Girls Club of Porter County is extremely exciting! The Porter County B&G Club will have the largest Exergaming space for any B&G Club in the country. Take a quick look at the 3-D renderings of the upcoming space:







We also recently reached out to the staff about the facility, the room, and the youth that will use it. They are all ecstatic about getting the equipment installed and said the kids can’t wait either. They expressed that the room will be used daily by kids of all ages, although they want to push kids ages 8 & older to use it. The room will be used for recreation as well as more focused youth fitness type training/programs. Just like for many facilities this interactive fitness concept is very new, the Program Director Dan express that “we are excited about bringing this type of overall fitness experience to our members.”

The Boys & Girls Club of Porter County Exergaming space will feature this set of Exergaming equipment:

We hope this is just the first of many Boys & Girls Clubs that will go down the path of Exergaming and interactive fitness. We will follow-up with photos and videos of the kids testing out the room as soon as possible! Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more Exergaming news and updates. Want to know more about interactive fitness & Exergaming? Contact us! Stay tuned for more updates and news on interactive fitness & Exergaming!