Last week we finally were able to make it over to Lebanon, Ohio to put together the exergaming room at the Countryside YMCA. The Countryside YMCA will be (currently under construction) the largest YMCA in the nation, so we are very excited to have an exergaming & interactive fitness room there. Even better – the exergaming room will be featured right behind the main lobby of the building, allowing everyone who enters the building to see the room in action.

This room followed the direction that many other hugely successful YMCAs have followed – the Youth X room solution. Giving kids & teens (generally ages 7-14) the ability to be active & social in a fun and safe environment that is extremely engaging. Other YMCAs that have invested in the Youth X room include the Rye YMCA, Edmond OKC YMCA, Norwich YMCA and many more!

The following products have been installed at the Countryside YMCA:

If you would like to learn more about the Youth X room and exergaming, or would like to speak to someone for more detail, give us a call (877.342.8650) or contact us!