Our most recent installation was a pleasure to deliver exergaming to – The Courage League, a great adaptive sports & rec center. The center offers programs and activities for both kids and adults alike, and caters to every activity level and ability – making it a perfect location for our interactive fitness equipment to thrive. The Courage League’s new product line includes:

photo6The Courage League previously had an iDance 2 multiplayer system in one of their rooms. They wanted to upgrade their interactive cardio programs so we came in and replaced this with a brand new Spivi system – a perfect cardio exergaming product for group classes. The Spivi is the best solution for keeping group cycle classes engaged and driven to succeed – have your members come back to their avatar and progress every visit!

They also took advantage of both of our interactive projection systems – the EyePlay Floor and TouchMagix Wall, both excellent engaging systems. The TouchMagix takes advantage of custom branding options and programming, so Courage League has implemented this into their system by making their logo interactive and playable (image to the left).

Of course they also received a T-Wall 64 which we are always ecstatic to see, apart of our plan to have a T-Wall in every health club and facility. Placed in their gym by the basketball court they have the opportunity to do some unique exercises with the basketball and group circuts.

We wish the best to the Courage League sports and recreation center in their journey with interactive fitness and exergaming. We always see a big increase in member engagement and usage in the areas where we installed our equipment  – we can not wait for the weeks to come to see how great it has worked out for their kids. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for exergaming news and updates on Courage League, other exergaming locations, and us being at the YMCA General Assembly.