In a long winter of customer installations, our team had the chance to escape the cold & make it down to the warm in Texas. Last week we installed several pieces of Exergaming equipment at the Fit-N-Wise Performance Center in Decatur, Texas. Fit-N-Wise is a new health club that offers a multitude of services from aquatics, physical therapy, to childcare and so much more. One of their specific youth fitness programs is called Fit Y.O.U.T.H. (Youth Obtaining Ultimate and Total Health), and this really shows how much care they put into their youth programs & services. This program helps them understand and improve on the basic fundamentals of fitness & nutrition – which is essential for any growing child to know.

Fit-N-Wise was looking to expand their youth fitness services and discovered Exergaming was the best way to add-on to the room to create an all new feeling space. The room itself is very well put together and looks great, with 2 pieces of the equipment facing a giant window fixture gives the room a more energetic look/feel. While we took their interactive projection system and safely put it away from natural lighting for the most accurate readings. The Fit-N-Wise youth Exergaming space had the following interactive fitness products installed:

To see the rest of the photos of the room, check out our SmugMug gallery of Fit-N-Wise.

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