The Sammamish YMCA has become another member of the YMCA of Greater Seattle Association to invest in exergaming. The YMCAs from Coal Creek to Dale Turner and now to Sammamish YMCA have seen the value and benefit that exergaming can bring their kids and even their adult members. Sammamish is a brand new YMCA location and the 5th member of the YMCA of Greater Seattle. Their future success with their kids will certainly come from the fun and development they get out of their exergaming equipment.

The YMCA of Greater Seattle network has been extremely successful with exergaming and interactive fitness equipment. Their kids have become more engaged in fitness and overall have had a big increase in traffic to their youth fitness exergaming rooms. The Sammamish YMCA has chosen the following products to fill their youth exergaming room:

These are the essential pieces of a great exergaming area, starting with the T-Wall 64 and the 3-Kick & Heavy Ball from Fit Interactive – all together can provide anyone with an efficient and fun workout. These pieces allow anyone no matter what your age or activity level to be and stay active. Then we have the other half of the equipment that is wonderful for keeping kids active and safe at your club. The iDance 2 and EyePlay Floor will have them stomping around, getting in their necessary cardio without even realizing it – and if they don’t want to stand they can always use the Exerbike pairs and get it in that way as well.

Take a look at a couple photos of the Sammamish YMCA exergaming space. If you want to see more, click here to see our SmugMug gallery of the room.



We love to highlight on the success of our customers with their interactive fitness equipment, and the Sammamish YMCA and especially the Seattle YMCA are shining examples of what exergaming can be. This is great to see more and more YMCA associations invest in exergaming, even more so as the YMCA General Assembly 2016 quickly approaches. Stay tuned for more exergaming updates on products, locations, and industry news, follow us on Twitter and Facebook to stay up to date! We will also be at the YMCA General Assembly come July, hope to see you there!