Exergaming is a newer form of gaming that has been developed to help facilitate exercise. These games require players to play a game through physical activity, therefore combining games with exercise. This concept of gaming and exercising at once has created quite a stir, as it should for any number of reasons. And even though the research into interactive fitness is still in a relatively young stage, studies have shown that active gaming does indeed offer the same health benefits as traditional exercises.

The single greatest advantage active gaming holds over traditional forms of exercise is in the fact it is not merely a form of exercise, but a form of entertainment as well. Exergaming offers what traditional exercises cannot, a higher level of engagement, which is key when you want participants to exercise for longer periods of time. Interactive fitness offers a higher level of motivation as well as a greatly reduced level of perceived exertion. That is, exergames basically trick you into thinking you aren’t working as hard as you really are, leading to longer workouts. Need more benefits?

Experts agree that we all need a moderate level of vigorous exercise every day for optimal health. But despite this assertion, many of us, especially children and teens, are leading an increasingly sedentary lifestyle. This leads to a plethora of health issues, even for those who are still quite young, obesity being one of them. Now, interactive fitness might not be the cure for our lack of exercise, but the engaging nature of such games makes this task actually fun. After all, kids are far more willing to participate in a game of idance than they are doing 100 jumping jacks.

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