Many people head to the gym or hit the streets to get some exercise and improve their cardiovascular health. Unfortunately, not everybody likes lifting weights or running, which is why exergaming is becoming so popular as it enables people to get a workout and have fun at the same time. Regardless of your age, exercise holds many benefits, read on to discover just a few.

Having a rough day at work? When the work day is done, head to a place that offers exergaming and have a quick workout as it is a wonderful way to relieve stress. Exercise increases the concentrations of the chemicals that moderate your response to stress.

In addition to releasing chemicals that help you cope with stress, exercise also releases chemicals that boost your happiness. Studies have shown exercise can alleviate the symptoms of depression. So if you are feeling blue, exercising is an option.

The older we get, the hazier our brains become as there are several diseases that kill off brain cells. Working out boosts chemicals in the brain that both support and prevent the degeneration of the parts of the brain responsible for learning and memory.

Forget the stereotypical jock, it is all untrue. Actually, working out boosts brainpower. So if you are inspired to raise your IQ level, start working out.

There are studies that show working out leads to increased relaxation and better sleep. Basically, exercise can be the equivalent of taking a sleeping pill.

Take advantage of the benefits of working out by utilizing exergaming and active gaming.