BGCA’s Regional Conferences bring together nearly 500 attendees, including alumni, Club youth, BGCA leadership, local board volunteers and local Club staff for an interactive forum focused on our Movement-wide strategies and game-changing programs, and celebrating the outstanding impact of our mission on kids across the nation.

This year on October 8th and 9th the Midwest Regional Boys & Girls Club Conference will be held in Chicago, IL and one of the main attractions will be Exergame Fitness!  We aim to inspire physical activity through the most cutting-edge active game experience. We provide exergame fitness solutions for clubs around the U.S. and internationally.

See some of our recent success stories in the BGCA’s!

Our goal is to motivate the unmotivated with physical activity through gaming.  We provide a wide range of products that help grow things like

  • New members
  • Doubling current membership
  • Higher retention of members
  • Increases staff involvement
  • Create community partnerships
  • Build school relationship
  • Add athletic team training
  • Increases comfort and excitement for fitness
  • Cutting edge innovative exergame room

We hope to see you at the BGCA Midwest Conference!